Silo Temperature Control

The design and development of a

silo temperature control and exhaust control system for a malting plant

Project background and objective

Grain is the most important source of human food and animal feed. The growth of the world population, growth in meat consumption and increase in production of bio-fuel will in the future lead to a shortage of grain and price increases. Maintaining high grain quality and reducing post-harvest spoilage of grain are therefore of great importance.

Main Objectives

  • The ability to control and monitor all the physical devices in the plant from a central control room.
  • A graphical interface to enable an operator to view and control operations in real time.
  • An alarm system to flag any problems to the operator.
  • The ability to send any critical alerts directly to a nominated mobile phone via SMS.
  • Programme control to allow the operator to define production variables.
  • A reporting system that could analyse trends in historical critical data and in real time.
  • The ability for supervisors to remotely view the system.


The installed control system enabled the customer to maintain high grain quality and prevent spoilage and loss of value. In addition, cool storage also reduces germination loss, improved baking quality and protected against infestation. Finally, significant energy savings were as the system was automated so large fans did not continuously run if they were not required.

Case Study

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Case Study

design and developement silo temperature control