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Today, manufacturers must respond faster to competitive and customer challenges to maintain their optimal output. To help with this, they are looking to process automation to provide control, flexibility, and efficiency in their operations.

At Suffolk Automation, our core disciplines are in the areas of Consultancy, PLC & SCADA software, Control Panel Design and Manufacture, Motion Control, and Electrical Installation, all of which are vital for advanced manufacturing capability.

We can provide your business with improved quality and greater volume of product, with a distinct advantage over competitors.

We specialise in offering these services for the milling, malting, brewing, and animal feed sectors. Full turnkey solutions are provided for all our clients, taking care of the process from start to finish and leaving you ready to improve your output. With over 25 years of experience working with these industries, we’ve got the knowledge and experience to make every project well suited to each individual client.

about us

Suffolk Automation was established in 1998 to provide full turnkey solutions for companies in the manufacturing industry. We quickly established a reputation for our work within the milling, brewing and malting industries, providing the full life cycle of project design, build, and installation. These projects offered clients improvements to their product quality and volume, along with a distinct advantage over their competitors.

We begin each project by discussing your operations and working out how to best apply our automation services. This could be through a complete overhaul of legacy systems or implementing changes to certain parts of the process; whichever course of action we take, your operations will benefit from increased speed, efficiency, and quality of product.

If you would like an informal review of any aspect of your current manufacturing capability, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact us online or by phone to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.