Design of a Control System

The design and development of a

control system for a Steep/Germination Vessel

Project background and objective

Over the past few years’ gluten free bread has become extremely popular and provide a great alternative for people who are looking for or who have been forced, through a dietary condition, to look for alternative or simpler types of food. One of our clients was expanding their facility and needed to add larger quantities of sprouted grains to their products. This was currently done using a manual non controllable system which caused production problems. The client decided to build and new steep/germination vessel but required it to be controlled by a ‘state of the art’ control system to reduce downtime and increase efficiency.

The solution

Suffolk Automation were contracted to design, manufacture and install a control system to control all these processes. This would provide a number of advantages as well as enabling an operator to manage the physical aspects of the process centrally from an industrial PC (HMI) and in real time, it was vital that the technology also include an alarm system to alert the operator of any issues during operation.

Case Study

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